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About Us

about page smokme

is an international distributor and wholesaler of smoking and vaping products, and related accessories. Since 2010 we have been providing the best deals while aiming for great customer service and satisfaction.

We’re known for our extensive collection, featuring the best that the smoking and vaping world has to offer. Our warehouse carries over 7,000 products, shipped worldwide every day from our distribution center, and our wholesale outlet has become the leading one stop smoke shop in USA.

Through the years we have developed our own brands that focus on bringing quality and affordability to smokers around the world.

How are we able to offer a wide range of premium vaping, dabbing, and smoking accessories at awesome prices? We do it right, by focusing on:

  • Offering amazing deals. We have low overhead on products at wholesale rates, which means we can sell the same products cheaper than just about everyone.
  • Staying on top of what's new on the scene. We’re always expanding our line-up of products. We carry all the major brands and products, and tons more.
  • Shipping orders quickly and reliably. And if anything comes up, we’re here 24/7 to answer any questions you have.

Different Tokes for Different Folks

We know everyone has different needs. That's why we carry a massive selection of merchandise. Shop with us and you’ll get:

  • Glass Accessories

  • Hand Pipes

  • Water Pipes

  • Rolls & Wraps

  • Grinders

  • Vaporizers

  • Concentrate/Dabbing Accessories

  • Torches & Butane

  • Scales

  • Hookah Accessories

  • And more

Stress-Free Shipping

A lot of products, especially pipes and glass pieces, can be challenging to ship. We make it our mission to provide safe, reliable shipping that ensures your orders gets to you in one piece.