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1" Sneak-a-Toke Metal Chillum


Toke Metal Chillum Wholesale Price


  • Discreet and Stealthy
  • Quick One-Hitter
  • Includes Screw-On Metal Bowl Cap

1" Sneak-a-Toke Metal Chillum For Sale Near Me

Ever wanted a quick hit? Ever wanted to just quickly pack, take a hit and put it away with no hassle. The Sneak a Toke does just that. Smoke in style and be discreet.

Simply pack your herbs in, take a hit then screw on the metal bowl cap to extinguish any left over flames. 

The Sneak a Toke comes with a rubber mouthpiece so you won't burn your lips. It is very easy to clean. Simply drop it in hot water and salt. It has an anodized aluminum finish.

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How to Use a Sneak a Toke Pipe

The sneak a toke pipe is super easy to use. Simply load your herbs into the opening airway. Put the mouthpiece in your mouth, light your lighter and put it to the front air path. Don't grind it down too fine or you will be getting powder of herbs in your mouth.