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14oz Triple Wick Scented Candle


14oz Triple Wick Scented Candles Wholesale Price

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  • 14oz Triple Wick Scented Candle
  • 14 Oz. Jars Each
  • Soy and Paraffin Blend
  • Sold Individually
  • Box contains 4 Candles

Best Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles For Sale Near Me

These Triple Wick Scented Candles are the newest release of 23 smoke odor eliminating 14oz scented Triple Wick Candles. If you want to smoke and don't want to worry about the odor too much, you can light up one of these scented candles. They are perfect to make sure the room smells good helping to mask the smell of herb or just make your room smell good. These candles are great for anyone smoking rolling papers, cones, cigars, pipes and cigarettes if you want to smoke indoors.

Each Triple Wick Scented Candle and gives you over 60+ hours of burn time. When it comes to the top quality candle these Triple Wick candles do the job! These are made from a blend of soy and paraffin. It uses a triple wick wire core which is allows for the candle scent to be released at quicker rate than the normal 1 wick candles.


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