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2oz Extra Wide Clear Glass Jar with Black Child-Proof Cap - (168 Count Case)

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Level 1 Cleaned Sample Containers are processed to meet or exceed requirements of EPA "Specifications and Guidance for Containment Free Sample Containers".
Glass jars are ideal containers for cannabis. They seal in not just the odor, but all the precious cannabis compounds contained within the plant. As the cannabis industry continues to grow in popularity, more consumers are switching to easy glass jars to keep their product safe, potent, and sealed away.


• Perfect for 1 to 3.5 Grams of Dried Cannabis
• Compatible with 53mm Closures
• CR Smooth-Matte Cap Sits Flush with Jar
• 2-1/4” diameter x 1” tall
• 168 Count Case
• Meet full EPA quality assurance standards
• Are lot number labeled for traceability
• Cases have tamper proof security from top to bottom
• Have a Certificate of Analysis issued for each bottle case sold
• Undergo strict quality control analysis
• Analyzed by an independent laboratory