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5 mL Glass Concentrate Container With Black or White Cap - Child Safe (Various Quantities)

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SKU 017132c5-b55b-43bf-80f3-97d3ec1e20e5
Color: Black Cap

Most customers don't need a large concentrate container to do the job they need. In many situations, they're recreational or even medical users that only pick up about a gram at a time of any given strain/flavor.

These 5 mL glass concentrate containers have a black or white cap, depending on your selection, and are completely child-safe. Get them now wholesale in a 126-count, 252-count, 378-count, or 504-count.

Help give your customers some relief by providing them with a concentrate container that keeps everything potent, fresh, and solidly airtight.

Quick features:

  • Child Resistant Cap Included
  • 5 mL
  • Known as "Flat Wall" or "Thick Wall" 
  • Black Cap or White Cap
  • Concentrate Capacity: 
    0-1g = 5-7ml
    1-2g = 9ml
    2-4g = 15ml