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510/eGo Threaded Vaporizer Battery MiniUSB Charger



  • 510/eGo Threaded Batteries
  • MiniUSB Port

510/eGo Threaded Vaporizer Battery MiniUSB Charger

Finding out the battery on your favorite vape device is a bummer. Smoke Tokes has the answer so you don’t have to worry about that ever again! Our 510/eGo charger is great for batteries used in a variety of vaping devices. It will give you a way to charge wherever you are so you can smoke up whenever you want.

Charging on the Go

Maintaining a top quality vaping device requires a high grade battery charger. Our vape mini USB chargers are a straightforward way to get the recharge your device needs. It’s compact design and mini USB compatibility means you can plug it into a variety of brands and attachments!

The vape mini USB charger is just one of the 7,000+ epic products that we offer. Items are offered at wholesale prices and backed by reliable services. So you’ll always have a great experience shopping with us.