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8" White Ring Beaker Glass Water Pipe

Color: Turquoise

8" Ring Mini Beaker Bong Glass Water Pipe. Assorted Colors 

**Product Information**
- Highest Quality Boro Glass
- Joint Type: Female
- Joint Size: 14 MM
- Includes Dry Herb Bowl
- Has Ice-Catcher
- Beaker Base

The 8" Ring Mini Beaker Bong Glass Water Pipe is a stylish and functional addition to your smoking collection. Hand-blown in Los Angeles, CA, using the highest quality borosilicate glass, this water pipe offers a top-notch smoking experience.

Featuring a female joint with a 14mm size and a 45-degree angle, this bong provides a tight seal and a smooth smoking experience. The glass-on-glass joint allows compatibility with a variety of accessories, enhancing the versatility of the piece.

The 8" Ring Mini Beaker Bong comes with a convenient dry herb bowl, allowing you to enjoy your favorite herbs right away. The beaker-shaped base ensures stability, while the multi-slit diffused downstem filters and cools the smoke for a pleasant hit.

Enjoy a splash-free experience with the built-in splashguard, and further cool and smooth out the smoke with the ice-catcher feature. The assorted colors add a touch of vibrancy and individuality to each piece, making it a unique and personalized smoking accessory.

The sleek design, combined with the premium craftsmanship, makes the 8" Ring Mini Beaker Bong a standout choice for smokers of all levels. Elevate your smoking sessions with this stylish and functional glass water pipe. Order yours today and experience the difference!