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AirVape Legacy Portable Vaporizer

SKU 0f31591e-5e87-4ab9-acd8-cc8e0a8608df
Use: Dry herb and oil concentrates

One reason why we love the AirVape brand is for the elaborate thought they put into making vaporizers. Not only are they innovative, but they also consider the end-user and use customer input to make their units even better. That's what they did with the latest addition to their lineup, the AirVape Legacy. The current features are based on what feedback they received on the AirVape X and XS. The Legacy is truly state of the art, lives up to its namesake, and will surely leave a lasting impression on the vaporizer world. 

Made from eco-friendly hemp textile and vegan leather, the alluring look of this dry herb vaporizer will catch any enthusiast's eye. With its 24k gold-plated heating chamber, this sophisticated unit features pure convection technology. It has a removable, glass AirPath that flawlessly produces a smooth, refined vapor through the all-ceramic mouthpiece. It also features two-button temperature control and optimally heats in only fifteen seconds. The AirVape Legacy is for the tech-loving connoisseur and stands next to none in design and portability. 

Vibration signal 
Removable 18650, 3000 mAh Legacy Battery  
Heat-up Time: 15 Seconds to Optimal Vaping Temp
Sensor Technology-60 seconds shutoff if no movement is detected
Two-button precise temperature control ↑↓ from 200F to 440F
USB-C Fast-Charging + Wireless Charging
Ceramic mouthpiece 
Gold plated heating chamber
Optional Gold Plated Basket for microdosing
Removable glass AirPath
Measurements: 119 mm x 52 mm x 21
Materials: hemp-based textile, vegan leather, black ceramic, 24K gold plating, glass
How It Works:
Check out the How-To videos below for expert advice on using The Legacy, and learn about its parts, functions, and how to clean it properly.

Selling Points:
Elegant, high-end, and thoughtfully designed with the most advanced tech available
Compatible with both dry herb and oil concentrates
Made with ethical materials like eco-friendly hemp textile and elegant non-animal-based leather

What's in the Box: 
AirVape Legacy + 18650 Legacy removable battery
Concentrates Pad Insert, gold-plated basket for microdosing
USB-C charger cable
Tools for cleaning and loading
Replacement Filter Screens 
User manual
Limited Lifetime Warranty