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Black Label Parchment Sheets 4X4 (27/35 Lb Silicon Plus) - 1000 Sheets



  • Dimensions: 4"x4"
  • Weight: 27/35 LB
  • Black Label Parchment Sheets
  • Silicon Plus coating
  • Includes 1000 sheets

Black Label Parchment Sheets 4X4 (27/35 Lb Silicon Plus) - 1000 Sheets

Elevate your packaging and extraction processes with Black Label Parchment Sheets. Designed for professional use, these high-quality parchment sheets are perfect for various applications in the cannabis industry.

Each sheet measures 4"x4" and comes with a weight of 27/35 LB, ensuring durability and reliability. The Black Label Parchment Sheets are coated with Silicon Plus, providing a non-stick surface that makes handling and extracting concentrates easier.

With 1000 sheets included in this pack, you'll have an abundant supply to meet your packaging and extraction needs. Whether you're wrapping wax, shatter, or other cannabis concentrates, these parchment sheets offer a convenient and reliable solution.

Black Label Parchment Sheets with Silicon Plus coating are specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and prevent any unwanted sticking. They provide a clean and efficient surface for packaging, storing, and processing your valuable cannabis extracts.

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