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Blink Torch MB-03 - Green - (1 Count)

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The Blink Torch is a multifunctional butane torch that comes with an extremely powerful 1300 °F blue flame. The torch provides an impressive 60 minutes of continuous burn time, enabling you to effortlessly heat your banger, bowl, dab straw, or roll up in seconds. The cordless Blink is easy to refill and has a lightweight and portable design that works at any angle. The 5.75 inches blink is super easy to use and features a larger nozzle and larger butane capacity than most other torches on the market.


• The torch has 1300° Blue Flame
• This torch has featured an adjustable Flame
• 360° Safe Flame Rotation
• Child Safety Lock and flame lock
• Adjustable flame height torch and flame
• The torch has Refillable Butane
• The torch has push button igniter
• The torch is measuring a 5.75 Inches in length