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Cali Crusher Homegrown Pocket Grinder

SKU be1bc6e8-0447-40ac-bfcd-61f2f3f4c321
Color: Red
THE NEXT BIG THING JUST GOT SMALLER 4 Piece Hard Top Pocket Sized Original 4-Way Quicklock technology, just a quarter turn to lock & open. Removable screen makes it easy to clean, upgrade and repair. Our original smooth rounded contour catch chamber, easy pollen acces. Comes with a guitar pick scraper. Grooved edge for easy grip. Ultrasonically cleansed 6061-T6 Aerospace Medical Grade Aluminum Patented radial cut blades for maximum shredding: cuts one way, fluffs the other. New blade layout allows for a larger loading capacity. Neodymium rare earth magnets for superior closure, easily hold the grinder from the lid. Blades/Teeth covered under a lifetime warranty! Dimensions: 1.85� wide by 2.2� tall Made in San Diego, CA, USA ABOUT CALI CRUSHER�: Cali Crusher� products are renowned for their amazing quality & affordability. Your herbs have never been in such good hands, err teeth? Top shelf Aerospace MEDICAL GRADE aluminum with indestructible radial cut blades that are covered under a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty take care of business. To purchase the original, larger version click here. To browse 2 piece Homegrown grinders click here.