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Elements 70mm Rollers (12 Count Display)

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  • Elements 70 MM rollers.
  • 12 Rollers per box.

Roll Your Own Smokes In The Blink Of An Eye!

Those who want to try hand rolled smoke usually develop a liking for them, however rolling your own products can be a time consuming process. Not only is this art very difficult to master for new beginners, it often causes wastage as many rolling papers are ripped or damaged in the learning process. These incredible rollers are amazing for those who want to roll smoke that are up to 70 mm long.

Quick and Easy Instructions To Follow!

The Elements rolling machine is perfect for experienced professionals and new beginners alike. With simple to follow instructions and an easy method of operation, this machine will make you a rolling pro in no time at all.

Premium Quality Product

This product uses high quality materials. Made in Indonesia from incredibly durable acrylic, this roller is three times stronger than other machines available in the marketplace today.