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Elements Ultra Thin King Size Papers 50 Count per Display (1, 5 or 10 Displays)

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  • 50 Count per box
  • 1 Display 
  • 5 Displays 
  • 10 Displays

Roll Your Own Rice Paper

This incredibly rolling paper is one-of-a-kind, and its unique ingredients set it above and beyond other types of rolling papers in the marketplace today. Each strip of rice paper uses Acacia as a gumming paste, and the manufacturers have taken great care to ensure that there is no type of toxic chemical or pulp included in the mix.

Minimal Residue? You Bet!

The only bit of residue these ultra-thin rolling papers leave is a small bit of leftover residue that is formed by the caramelizing of the Acacia gum.

Slow and Even Burn!

These incredible rolling papers feature an amazing cross weave pattern and vertical lines. This amazing watermark system prevents runs and ensures that all the smokes burn evenly