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Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers 1 1/4 Magnetic Closure

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Every smoker’s dream comes true. The perfect amalgam of efficiency and convenience, Elements Ultra-Thin Rice Rolling papers are exactly what you’re looking for. Not only do they boast an easy-to-use magnetic closure but these rolling papers are extremely slow burning and thin to give you the ultimate enjoyable smoking experience. They are thoughtfully crafted using pure rice that is carefully pressed to give it that ultra-thin precision. On top of this a very small line of natural Acacia plant gum is incorporated. Enjoy a no ash smoke as they burn smoothly without any ash production. 
Try them out with your buddies and experience a smoker’s pleasure like no other. See what the hype is about for yourself
  • Elements Ultra Thin Rice Rolling Papers 1 1/4 Magnetic Closure
  • 25 Count per box
  • 1 Display
  • 5 Displays 
  • 10 Displays