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Eyce Beaker - Pack of 6 Assorted Colors

SKU 6759214a-e6a6-42ad-9cdb-82e1af57f050
Eyce Beaker - Pack of 6 Crafted from indestructible silicone and borosilicate glass, The Eyce Beaker sports an ultra-functional design and extreme durability. The lid doubles as a pad for working with your ground material while a magnetic ring keeps anything metal, such as stir tool, easily accessible. Built with covert compartments, your stash and material tool will be discreetly hidden for on-the-go-use. How it Works Fill the bowl with your favorite ground material, place your finger over the hold, then apply heat as you draw. Pull the bowl out as you near the end of your hit to clear the chamber. Maintenance All parts of Eyce Beaker can be cleaned with warm soapy water. Be sure to rinse completely and allow to dry before use. FEATURES Eyce Beaker Pack of 6 Assorted Colors Borosilicate Glass Bowl Built-in Hidden Stash Jar Magnetic Ring for Holding Material Tool Kaleidoscopic Color Options