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G-ROLLZ | Bamboo Unbleached - 1 1/4 Papers (50 Booklets Display)


G-ROLLZ | Bamboo Unbleached Papers (50 Booklets Display)

Product Info:

  • Product Name: G-ROLLZ | Bamboo Unbleached Papers
  • Display Type: 50 Booklets Display

Experience a premium rolling experience with G-ROLLZ Bamboo Unbleached Papers. This display contains 50 booklets of high-quality unbleached papers, perfect for rolling your favorite legal herbs.


  • Unbleached and Natural: These papers are made from bamboo fibers, providing a clean and natural smoking experience without any added chemicals or bleaching agents.
  • 1¼ Size: The papers are designed to accommodate 1¼ rolling size, allowing you to create perfectly-sized joints or cigarettes.
  • Slow Burn: G-ROLLZ papers are crafted to provide a slow and even burn, ensuring a smooth smoking experience.
  • Easy to Roll: The thin and lightweight texture of these papers makes them easy to roll, giving you the convenience and control you need.
  • 50 Booklets Display: Each display contains 50 booklets of G-ROLLZ Bamboo Unbleached 1¼ Papers, ensuring you have an ample supply for your rolling needs.

Enjoy the natural and unbleached experience with G-ROLLZ Bamboo Unbleached 1¼ Papers (50 Booklets Display). Shop for this product and other smoking accessories at Smoke Tokes. Visit our website today to explore our wide selection, competitive prices, and high-quality smoking products.