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Herbal Rolling Filler Starter Pack

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Product Description

Not sure which of our herbal smoking blends you're gonna prefer? Why not try out all of our products at once and find out which one suits you best! We even included our new ecofriendly hemp pulp rolling papers, our second NEW Julep fresh and minty herbal smoking blend and a mini travel-sized pack that you can either use for when you're on the go or give to your friends to join the Green movement!

Does not contain any THC/CBD/Nicotine/Flavoring

This all-in-one starter pack includes :
  • One Meofill Inhale Blend - 14g Puck
  • One Meofill Exhale Blend - 14g Puck
  • One Meofill Julep Blend - 14g Puck - 
  • One Meofill Surprise Blend - 7g Travel Puck
  • One KingSize KEB Eco Slim Unbleached Hemp Rolling Paper Pack
  • One 1 1/4 size KEB Eco Slim Unbleached Hemp Rolling Paper Pack
  • One KingSize KEB OG Slim Bleached Hemp Rolling Paper Pack
  • One 1 1/4 size KEB OG Slim Bleached Hemp Rolling Paper Pack
  • Eight hemp pulp & soy ink pre-cut on-the-go filter cards


      Product features

      Meo Marley's Herbal Smoking Blends  :

      • Pre-ground to perfection, just add it to your mix and roll!
      • Burns slowly and equally.
      • Made of 100% natural and ethically sourced ingredients.
      • Stem-free fluffy texture.
      • Different intensity levels of aromas and taste profiles.
      • Does not contain any THC/CBD/Nicotine/Flavoring.

      Meant to smooth out & complement any expensive herb you mix it with, without masking or overwhelming it!

      Ingredients & Process

      At Meo Marley's we grind each individual dried ingredient to the perfect consistency and assemble them following our Master Blender’s signature mix. The smokable herbs are then packaged in vacuum sealed eco-friendly reusable packaging and sent your your way. 

      Each of our ingredients has a rich history in traditional healing culture & natural medicine in many cultures throughout the world. 

      You can consult detailed information on our website about what herbs are smokable and the legal status of herbal smoking blends in your country.


      What our products are not
      • Therapeutic in any effect or intent directly or indirectly whatsoever.
      • Psychoactive plants or alternatives to psychoactive plants.
      • Cannabis alternatives, marijuana alternatives, often called legal high or herbal smoke.
      • Synthetic Cannabinoids like Kratom, K2 or Spice commonly called Fake Weed.
      • Tobacco cessation therapy or any type of quit smoking cigarettes program.
      • Meant to be mixed with any legal or illegal drug.
      • Safe to use for people under 18 years old, pregnant or with any health condition where smoking may be risky.
      • Good for your body (any type of smoking is bad mmmkay, see Surgeon General Warning's).