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Juicy Terp Enhanced Hemp Wraps - Various Flavors - 2 Wraps Per Pack - (25 Count Displays) - (Various Counts)

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Juicy Jays put all of the years of experience they have into making Hemp Wraps to burn, taste, roll, and feel just like a premium tobacco wrapper. The team at Juicy Jay's have taken their already popular hemp wraps to the next level by boosting the flavor of their wraps through the infusion of terpenes for an extra aromatic flavorful taste. These terpene enhanced wraps are made to highlight flavors in the herb, and with two wraps in each resealable package, you can roll your herb up and even save it to share with buds. Either way, you'll love being able to taste the terps.


• 2 Wraps Per Pack
• 25 Packs Per Display Box
• All-natural hemp: tobacco free
• Nicotine Free
• 1 Display
• 5 Count, 10 Count
• Multiple fun flavor options
• Resealable zip packs
• Made from Natural Toasted Hemp