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Long Metal Cigarette One-Hitter



  • Stealthy metal construction
  • One hitter micro chillum
  • Wooden Dugout recommended

Long Metal Cigarette One Hitter

Want a new way to smoke on the go? Check out the Smoke Tokes cigarette one hitter! Smoking out of this device looks just like a regular tobacco cigarette, but can be stuffed with your favorite dry herb. It’s a micro chillum that offers an experience like no other. Pick one up today and check it out for yourself!

A Tough Pipe Alternative

A cigarette hitter from Smoke Tokes is perfect for people always on the go. With this piece you can smoke without the taste of filters or wasting time rolling a cigarette. Just stuff it with your favorite herb and it’s good to go!

Utilizing metal, it is durable enough to be dropped or pressed in your pocket. There’s no worrying about ruining a cigarette! No matter what conditions you put it through it will still be ready to light up whenever you are.