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Magical Butter MB2e Infused Machine



  • Create Infused Edibles
  • Easy to Use with a Few Buttons
  • Super Easy to Clean with Different Cleaning Cycles
  • Four Preset Functions

Magical Butter MB2e Infused Machine

If you want to created infused magical butter, this Magical Butter MB2e is the best infused machine. Combining an immersion blending with the precise heating unit gives you ability to make creative tasty treats. Infuse butter, oils, tinctures and more to make sauces and butter.

This comes with a built-in blender. It is super light with a solid built construction. It has 5 total temperature settings you can use. Most people use it at 160°F.

How to Use it:

  1. Add your herbs.
  2. Add your solvent; to clarify, this can mean coconut oil or butter.
  3. Set your temperature & time.
  4. Let the machine do the work. It grinds, stirs, chips, heats and infuses while you watch the ball game.
  5. Strain your infusion; there is an accessory called the Purify Filter included. Other accessories include a cookbook and a LoveGlove.


  • Magical Glove
  • Purify Micron Filter 190
  • Magical Cookbook
  • Owner's Manual
  • 110V power cord