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Mit 45 Ultra Mit Kratom Extract Shot 15ml 1ct

Mit 45 Ultra Mit Kratom Extract Shot

Experience the Power of Mit 45 Ultra Mit Kratom Extract Shot

Enhance your focus and energy with the Mit 45 Ultra Mit Kratom Extract Shot. This incredible liquid extract is designed for those who seek the uplifting qualities of Kratom and a concentrated Mitragynine experience. With a host of benefits and a focus on precision, this extract is perfect for active, daytime hours.

Key Features:

  • Superior energy and focus support
  • Contains 300mg of high-percentage Mitragynine extract
  • Up to 3x less calming 7-Hydroxymitragynine compared to other extracts
  • Triple Purification Process-Certified for quality
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for your peace of mind


UltraMIT contains a simple yet powerful blend of ingredients, including vegetable glycerin, filtered water, citric acid, and Kratom extract. This unique formulation offers a boost in energy and focus, making it ideal for daytime use.

UltraMIT is specifically tailored for experienced Kratom users who appreciate the heightened concentration of Mitragynine. The blend consists of 30% and 75% Mitragynine concentrations. Each bottle contains a proprietary blend of 100-225mg of Mitragynine, with an average serving size of one dropper. This single dropper provides between 12-30mg of Mitragynine and a total of 40mg of the blended extract.

For those who value precision and convenience in their Kratom experience, UltraMIT's dropper allows you to fine-tune your serving sizes to your preference.

Try Mit 45 Ultra Mit Kratom Extract Shot and take your focus, energy, and daytime productivity to the next level. With a satisfaction guarantee and a commitment to quality, it's time to experience the power of this remarkable Kratom extract.