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RAW Cone Duffel Bag - Black Edition


RAW Black Edition Cone Duffel Bag Wholesale Price


  • Measurement: 22" Long x 9" Wide
  • RAW Cone Shape and Design
  • Red Rhinestone RAW logo 
  • Lined with Foil to Keep from Harmful UV Rays
  • 5 Layers of Smell Protection

*Sold Online Only*

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The RAW Cone Duffel Bag will have you traveling in style where ever you go. Whether you want to go golfing, traveling for vacation or just a day trip, your RAW Cone duffel Black Edition bag can carry all your favorite RAWthentic smoking supplies. It will make you look RAWsome!

This duffel bag is shaped like a RAW cone that you're used too. It is the same color of hte paper and the tip is black like the ash and red for the amber of the flame. The entire RAW Cone bag is 22" long and 9" wide.

The interior is lined with foil to keep all your items fresh in there while staying protected from the smell.

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