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SiliKit 3 in 1 Travelers Kit



  • 3 in 1 Kit
  • Hand Pipe - Bubbler - Dab Rig
  • Full Kit with Travelers Bag

 *Sold Online Only*

SiliKit 3 in 1 Travelers Kit 

The SiliKit 3 in 1 most travel friendly smokers kit ever created. If you dab wax or smoke herbs, the SiliKit will be a bag full of joy.

The SiliKit 3 in 1 features a silicone pipe with a glass bowl. If you want to dab, you can use the quartz banger along with the small water bottle you use for water filtration. 

It comes with all the necessities needed to use the dab rig, water pipe and hand pipe. 


  • Heavy Duty Travel Case 
  • Silicone Pipe With Build in Glass Bowl 
  • 18mm Quartz Banger 4MM 
  • Bubble Carb Cap
  • 5'' Metal Dabber 
  • Mini Silicone Container 
  • Metal Downstem 
  • Small Water Bottle 8 OZ