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Starbuzz Unicus Hookah 2.0

Color: Black / Purple


  • Starbuzz Unicus Hookah 2.0
  • Height 17" 
  • Steel Hookah Shaft
  • Wide-bore steel Downstem
  • Cloud Machine
  • Egyptian Style Hookah Bowl


  • Black & Purple

  • Black & Red

  • Blue & Green

Starbuzz Unicus Hookah 2.0

The Starbuzz Unicus Hookah 2.0 is a standout choice for hookah enthusiasts looking to elevate their smoking experience. Standing at an impressive 17 inches in height, this hookah boasts a sleek and stylish design that is sure to catch the eye.

Constructed with a steel hookah shaft and a wide-bore steel downstem, the Unicus Hookah ensures durability and optimal airflow for thick and satisfying clouds of smoke. The included Egyptian style hookah bowl is crafted from clay, allowing for even heat distribution and enhanced flavor profiles.

Available in a range of striking color combinations, including Black & Purple, Black & Red, and Blue & Green, the Unicus Hookah allows you to express your personal style while enjoying a superior smoking experience.

Included with the Starbuzz Unicus Hookah 2.0 are all the essential components you need for a seamless and enjoyable session. The package includes a decorative frosted base that adds a touch of elegance, a steel tray to catch ash and debris, tongs for easy handling of charcoal, and a 72" long wood-handled hookah hose with a metal tip that matches the color of the hookah vase. The complete stainless steel hookah shaft features a hose adapter and purge port, ensuring effortless draws and optimal airflow.

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