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What's a Smoke Shop?

A smoke shop or a head shop is a store that sells products specifically for smoking. As of recently, they also sell products related to vaping. If a smoke shop near you is pretty far away, an online smoke shop is the next best thing. An online smoke shop generally has more items to choose from because the potential is limitless. A tobacco shop might have a specific niche they specialize in like cigars or pipes where as a website can have multiple collections to choose from.

If you will find it at a tobacconist or a head shop, you will most likely find it with us. One problem many smoke shops near me face is the fact that most of them are a middlemen. Here at Smoke Tokes, we are one  of the largest distributors for all the products we sell. Brands vary from RAW, DNA Glass, Yocan, Lookah, Bang Vapes, OG Vapes, Aspire, Got Nail, Scorch Torch, Formula420, Suorin, Clipper lighters, Whip-it!, Juicy Jay, Smokebuddy, Detoxify, and much more.

Smoke Tokes provides the best service around in Los Angeles, California and all around the world. We have two locations with one of them being a cash and carry location and the other is our giant warehouse. We offer discounts to loyal customers, fast shipping, a huge catalog of products and customer service that is untouched. Online headshops are a great way to get all your products from one place. With the vast category of products and the fast shipping, you save a lot more than just time.