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2.5" Metal Hand Pipe w/ Colored Acrylic Mouthpiece


2.5" Metal Hand Pipe w/ Colored Acrylic Mouthpiece


  • Metal Pipe w/ Acrylic Mouthpiece
  • Size: 2.5"
  • Assorted Colors
  • Detachable Parts
  • Easy To Use
  • Acrylic Mouthpiece
  • Best used with Screens

2.5" Metal Hand Pipe w/ Colored Acrylic Mouthpiece For Sale

The 2.5" metal hand pipe with Acrylic Mouthpiece is made to be detachable with its screwable parts . Cleaning is a big part of owning a pipe. That's why this hand pipe comes with the ability to detach all the parts. You can easily clean it out with hot  water.

Breaking your pipe is a bummer. Instead of buying more cheap pieces, why not get something tough? Smoke Tokes has the answer with the sturdy 2.5" colored acrylic metal hand pipe! Featuring bright colors and a classic design these marvels are something you can really rely on.

Discreet and Durable Pipes

You don’t always want something crazy when it comes to pipes. In our stock of metal pipes you’ll find pieces designed for that traditional look. Our hand pipes are also made to be more compact and discreet than alternatives. So you can easily take it wherever you go and enjoy it time and again.

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 *Only available in assorted colors