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3" Single Chamber Metal Hand Pipe w/ 2 Rubber Seals


3" Single Chamber Metal Hand Pipe w/ 2 Rubber Seals


  • Metal Pipe
  • Single Chamber
  • 2 Rubber seals
  • Detachable Parts
  • Easy To Use
  • Metal Mouthpiece
  • Best used with Screens

3" Single Chamber Metal Hand Pipe For Sale

Keeping your smoke cool is very important. Smoke is very hot and that heat is going through your mouth and lungs. In order to cool it down, you either need a longer chamber for the smoke to travel through before hitting the mouthpiece or a water filter like a water pipe. 

The Single chamber with 2 rubber seals metal hand pipe is made from nickel plated brass. Cleaning is a big part of owning a pipe. That's why this hand pipe comes with the ability to detach all the parts. You can easily clean it out with hot water.

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 *Only available in assorted colors