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3 Way Triple Barrel Trident Wooden Joint Holder w/ Plastic



  • Triple Barrel 
  • Joint Holder
  • Colored Wood

Triple Barrel Trident Wooden Joint Holder w/ Plastic 

These Wooden Barrel Trident holds 3 hand rolls or pre-rolled cones at once in but still provides a balanced and even draw. Your now able to roll up a few flavor of joints and put one in each barrel allowing for a tropical mix of flavors when smoking! It brings your smoking experience to another level with this options in one! Ideal for parties or sharing with friends, just remember: sharing is caring! 

All of these Wooden Holders are handmade from different colored wood giving each trident a unique look. No two holders are the same due to the natural color and growth patterns of the wood. The Trident also looks like the inside of a peace sign giving the perfect vibes for any stoner!