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9ml White UV Child Resistant Glass Jar with White Cap


9mL White UV Child Resistant Glass Jar with White Cap - Ultimate Security for Your Concentrates

  • Concentrate Container
  • Size: 9mL
  • White Glass Jar
  • UV-Resistant for Added Protection
  • Child Resistant
  • White Cap for Sleek Aesthetic


  • Concentrate Container: Specifically designed for storing concentrates, ensuring freshness and potency.
  • Size 9mL: Perfect for individual use or on-the-go sessions, offering ample space for your favorite concentrates.
  • White Glass Jar: Stylish and discreet, the white glass adds a touch of sophistication to your concentrate storage.
  • UV-Resistant: Protects your concentrates from harmful UV rays, preserving their quality and potency over time.
  • Child Resistant: Features a child-resistant cap for added safety, making it suitable for households with children.
  • White Cap: The sleek white cap not only complements the jar's aesthetic but also secures your concentrates with style.

Secure Your Concentrates with Style

Meet the 9mL White UV Child Resistant Glass Jar with White Cap – the epitome of security and style in concentrate storage. Whether you're a seasoned concentrate enthusiast or a retailer looking to offer top-notch products, this jar is a must-have.

UV-Resistant for Long-Lasting Potency

The UV-resistant properties of this jar ensure that your concentrates remain potent and flavorful. Say goodbye to the worries of degradation caused by exposure to sunlight, and enjoy your concentrates at their best.

Child Resistant for Peace of Mind

The child-resistant cap adds an extra layer of security, making this jar suitable for households with children. Keep your concentrates safe while having peace of mind.

Discover the perfect combination of security and style with the 9mL White UV Child Resistant Glass Jar with White Cap. Available for purchase as singles or by case, this jar is ideal for personal use or retail purposes. Elevate your concentrate storage game with the best quality products available at competitive wholesale prices.