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AWS AC-650 Digital Scale 650g x 0.1g


AWS AC-650 Digital Scale 650g x 0.1g

The AWS AC-650 Digital Scale is a compact and versatile weighing tool designed for precision and convenience. With a capacity of 650g and a sensitivity of 0.1g, it provides accurate measurements for various applications.

Key Features:

  • Large Backlit LCD Display: The scale features a large backlit LCD display for easy reading of measurements.
  • Easy-to-Use: Designed for user-friendly operation, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced users.
  • Lid as Weighing Tray: The lid serves as a weighing tray, adding to the functionality of the scale.
  • Portable Design: Compact and lightweight, the scale easily fits into a pocket or handbag, allowing for convenient weighing on the go.
  • Calibration: Calibration is made easy with a 500g weight (not included).
  • Units: The scale supports multiple units, including grams, ounces, troy ounces, and pennyweights.

Whether you're measuring ingredients in the kitchen, weighing herbs, or handling various items that require precision, the AWS AC-650 Digital Scale is a reliable choice. Invest in accuracy and portability with this high-quality digital scale.

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