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AWS BCM-650 Pocket Scale

Color: Blue
AWS BCM-650 Pocket Scale

AWS BCM-650 Pocket Scale

New 650 x 0.01 gram capacity digital pocket scale

Available in vivid clear blue and black

Easy to use 3-button setup

Protective lid serves as weighing tray

Color changing weighing modes


  • Portable and Easy to Use
  • Precision Load Cell
  • Weighs up to 650g in 0.1g increments
  • Removable cover can be used as a weighing tray

Take your precision weighing to the next level with the AWS BCM-650 Pocket Scale. Choose your preferred color, experience the convenience of color-changing modes, and elevate your weighing game. For more options and advanced scales, explore our Scales Collection. Experience accuracy and style in one compact device.