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Billionaire Hemp Wraps - Banana Cream (2 wraps per pack/ 25 pack Display


 The Billionaire Hemp Wraps in Banana Cream flavor, perfect for a natural and refreshing smoking experience. These wraps are made with real organic hemp and contain no nicotine or additives, ensuring a pure and authentic smoking experience.

Each pack includes two wraps, and the display box contains 25 packs, providing you with plenty of wraps to enjoy for a while. These wraps have a slow and even burn rate, allowing you to fully enjoy your smoke without constantly relighting or adjusting.

The Banana Cream flavor adds a delightful twist to your smoking session, complementing the natural taste of the hemp. Made in the USA with real organic hemp, these wraps offer a genuine and satisfying smoking experience.

Experience the simplicity and purity of Billionaire Hemp Wraps - Banana Cream. With no nicotine or additives, these wraps let you appreciate the natural essence of hemp while enjoying your smoke. Each pack contains two wraps, and the display box includes 25 packs for your convenience. Elevate your smoking experience with these high-quality hemp wraps.

Billionaire Hemp Wraps - Banana Cream

  • 2 Wraps Per Pack
  • 25 Count Per Box
  • Flavor Banana Cream
  • Hemp Wraps
  • Made in the USA
  • Real Organic Hemp
  • No Nicotine or Additives