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Blunt Wraps (2 wraps per pack/ 12 packs)


Blunt Wraps (2 wraps per pack/ 12 packs)Wholesale

We are offering high quality Lemon Tree Organic Blunt wraps with wholesale price at best distributor wholesale store.


  • 2 Wraps Per Pack
  • 12 Packs
  • 100% Organic
  • Tobacco & Nicotine Free
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free
  • Case: 50pcs


  • Lemon Tree
  • Blueberry Tree
  • Strawberry Tree
  • Grape Tree

Lemon Tree Blunt Wraps For Sale

The Lemon Tree Blunt Wraps come in four delicious flavors: Lemon Tree, Blueberry Tree, Strawberry Tree, and Grape Tree. Each pack contains two wraps and is made with 100% organic and vegan ingredients, ensuring a guilt-free smoking experience. The wraps are also tobacco and nicotine-free, making them an excellent alternative to traditional blunt wraps. Additionally, they are GMO-free, allowing you to enjoy an authentic and natural flavor without any artificial additives.

The Lemon Tree flavor is perfect for those who love a tangy and refreshing smoking experience. The Blueberry Tree flavor offers a mellow and fruity taste, while the Strawberry Tree flavor provides a rich and decadent aroma. Finally, the Grape Tree flavor is bold and robust, offering a full-bodied smoking experience.

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