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Coco Clouds 108 Flat Cubes 100% Natural Coconut Shell Charcoal

100% Natural Coco Coal 108 Pieces

100% Natural Coco Coal 108 Pieces

Experience the benefits of 100% Natural Coco Coal with this pack of 108 pieces. These coals are designed to enhance your incense-burning experience. They're best used when glowing red, providing consistent and long-lasting heat for your favorite incense.

Key Features:

  • Lasts longer than other charcoal
  • Maintains the smell of original incense
  • The coal is tasteless and odorless
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals

No trees were cut in the making of this product

  • Dump the Rest us the Best
  • 108 Flat Cubes
  • Odor Free
  • Less Ash
  • No Charcoal after taste
  • Made in Indonesia

One key advantage of 100% Natural Coco Coal is its extended burn time, outlasting other types of charcoal. It's specifically designed to maintain the original aroma of your incense without introducing any unwanted smells or flavors. These coals are both tasteless and odorless, creating a clean and pure incense-burning experience.

What sets 100% Natural Coco Coal apart is its commitment to purity. These coals do not contain harmful chemicals, and they are entirely natural. This ensures that your incense experience is free from synthetic additives, providing you with the most authentic and enjoyable aromatic experience.

For the best results and to preserve the integrity of your incense, choose 100% Natural Coco Coal. It's the natural choice for discerning incense enthusiasts. Explore our full Charcoal Collection at Smoke Tokes and discover a wide range of smoking accessories at the best prices.