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Dr. Dabber X Boost Evo™ Carrots Edition


Dr. Dabber X Boost Evo™ Carrots Edition

The Dr. Dabber X Boost Evo™ Carrots Edition is a limited-edition version of the popular Boost Evo™ E-Rig. Designed with a vibrant Carrots color scheme, this e-rig offers a unique and stylish way to enjoy your concentrates.

Equipped with a quartz atomizer and a replacement glass attachment, the Boost Evo™ Carrots Edition delivers exceptional vapor quality. The quick connect adapter, Pro loading tool, and USB-C universal charger ensure a seamless and efficient dabbing experience.

Control your sessions with ease using the Boost Evo™ Carrots Edition's Bluetooth app functionality, allowing you to adjust the temperature to your preference. Elevate your dabbing game with this innovative and eye-catching e-rig.


  • Limited-Edition Carrots Color Scheme
  • Quartz Atomizer and Replacement Glass Attachment
  • Quick Connect Adapter and Pro Loading Tool
  • USB-C Universal Charger
  • Bluetooth App Control

Experience the future of dabbing with the Dr. Dabber X Boost Evo™ Carrots Edition. Discover more E-Rigs and accessories at Smoke Tokes for a premium dabbing experience.

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