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Elements Pink 1 1/4 Rolling Papers (50 Leaves Per Book/50 Booklets per Display)


Experience the pleasure of smoking with Elements Pink 1 1/4 Rolling Papers. These premium quality rolling papers are designed to enhance the flavor and enjoyment of your smoking session.


  • Pink 1 1/4 size rolling papers
  • 50 leaves per booklet
  • 50 booklets per display
  • Premium quality
  • Slow and even burn
  • Ultra-thin
  • Natural gum
  • Chemical-free

Elevate Your Smoking Experience with Elements Pink 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

Elements Pink 1 1/4 Elements Rolling Papers are specifically crafted for those who appreciate a finer smoking experience. The pink hue adds a touch of elegance to your smoking ritual, making it a stylish choice.

Each booklet contains 50 leaves, providing you with ample supply for multiple smoking sessions. The display comes with 50 booklets, ensuring you never run out of these high-quality rolling papers.

What sets Elements rolling papers apart is their premium quality construction. These papers are made with ultra-thin, rice-based material that promotes a slow and even burn. You can enjoy a smooth and flavorful smoke without the interference of any unwanted chemicals.

Elements Pink 1 1/4 Rolling Papers also feature natural gum, ensuring a secure and easy seal for your rolls. The adhesive is derived from plants, maintaining the natural and chemical-free essence of these papers.

Elevate your smoking experience with Elements Pink 1 1/4 Rolling Papers. Get your supply today and indulge in a satisfying smoke like no other.

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