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Fast Weigh TR-600 Digital Pocket Scale 600gx0.1g


Fast Weigh TR-600 Digital Pocket Scale 600gx0.1g

The Fast Weigh TR-600 Digital Pocket Scale is your portable solution for accurate weighing on the go. Designed to fit easily into your pocket or handbag, this scale is a versatile companion for a range of weighing needs.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 600 x 0.1 g
  • Compact and Portable
  • Removable Lid as an Expansion Tray
  • Accuracy and Affordability
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

The TR-600 is not just compact; it's loaded with features. The removable lid doubles as an expansion tray, making it convenient to weigh items that might overflow. Its precision with a readability of 0.1 grams ensures accurate measurements for various purposes.

Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, this scale is a reliable and durable choice for both personal and professional use. Discover the perfect blend of accuracy, affordability, and portability with the Fast Weigh TR-600.

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