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Futurola x Tyson Cone Roller


Futurola x Mike Tyson Cone Roller Wholesale Price


  • Futurola Amsterdam
  • Mike Tyson Cone Roller
  • Finest Smoking Products
  • Cones Maker
  • Roll Like A Legend
  • King Size
  • Fits up to 110mm


  • 1 Tyson Cone Roller
  • Cases: 50pcs

    The future is here with the newest release of Futurola x Mike Tyson Cone Roller!  If you're a fan of Mike Tyson, then you will be a fan of these Futurola x Mike Tyson cone rollers that let you roll like a legend. 

    Each box comes with 1 Cone Roller that is perfect for anyone that is looking for a new cone roller to make smoking an ease!  Perfect for any smoke session or novelty gift. The packaging displays an all black box with the Futurola logo x  Mike Tyson on the box smoking. You can find these Futurola x Mike Tyson pre rolled cone blunts sold at most Smoke shops, vape shops, dispensaries and local liquor stores or convenient stores.

    Mike Tyson 2.0 x Futurola Cone Roller For Sale Near Me

    The Tyson 2.0 x Futurola Cone Roller was created to make it simple for people to roll premium cones. A modernised cone-rolling machine that wraps and rolls papers into cones is called the Tyson 2.0 x Futurola Cone Roller. King-size rolling papers are compatible with this. Each comes with a storage sleeve, a roller,

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    WARNING: Inhaling smoke is known to the state of California to be  hazardous to your health.