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G-ROLLZ | Banksy's Graffiti - Bamboo Unbleached - 3 King Size Cones In Each Pack & (24 packs in Display/box)



  • G-ROLLZ | Banksy's Graffiti - Bamboo Unbleached
  • 3 king size cones in each pack
  • 24 packs in each display
  • Made from high-quality paper
  • Organic hemp paper
  • Extra-thin paper for a smoother smoking experience
  • King size cones for longer smoking sessions
  • Consistent and even burn
  • Unique Banksy's Graffiti design
  • Versatile for use with various dry herbs
  • Compact and functional packaging
  • Pure and natural, free from harmful additives
  • Ideal for both experienced and new smokers

G-ROLLZ | Banksy's Graffiti - Bamboo Unbleached - 3 King Size Cones In Each Pack & (24 packs in Display/box)

The G-Rollz  by Banksy's Graffiti is more than just a rolling paper, it's a work of art. Inspired by the legendary street artist Banksy, these king-size cones are not only functional but also visually stunning. Each pack contains three cones made from high-quality bamboo unbleached paper, providing smokers with a natural and sustainable option for their smoking needs.

What sets the G-ROLLZ by Banksy's Graffiti apart is the attention to detail that has gone into both the product and the packaging. The cones are crafted to provide an even burn and consistent smoking experience, while the bamboo unbleached paper ensures a clean and natural smoke. And the packaging? Well, it's a Banksy masterpiece in and of itself.

The yellow and green box featuring Banksy's artwork is sure to catch the eye of any passerby. It's not just a box of rolling papers; it's a statement. A statement about art, about freedom, and about expressing oneself. It's a box that you'll want to display on your shelf, not hide away in a drawer.

But let's not forget about the product inside the box. The G-ROLLZ by Banksy's Graffiti is perfect for smokers who care about the environment and want a natural option for their rolling papers. The bamboo unbleached paper is sustainably sourced, so you can enjoy your smoking experience without guilt. And the cones themselves are designed to deliver a smooth and consistent smoke, so you can focus on enjoying your moment.