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GlueGar - "Sweet Treats" Flavors Squeeze Bottle 10ML (20 Per Jar)



  • Sweet Treats Mixed Flavors
  • Don't smoke spit!
  • Roll up with special glue
  • 10mL per Bottle
  • 20 Bottles per Jar
  • Brand: CaliGars


  • Super Sweet
  • Apple Candy
  • Rainbow Sherbert
  • Tigers Blood

GlueGar - "Sweet Treats" Flavors Squeeze Bottle 10ML 

Using GlueGar is a perfect substitute than spit. Instead of licking your paper or wrap closed, simply use the glue. This GlueGar Sweet Treats squeeze bottle comes in a jar of 20 mixed flavors. These glue gars will make sure you're always rolling up!