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HEMPER Tech Cotton Swabs - 200ct


HEMPER Tech Cotton Swabs 200ct Wholesale Price

We are offering top quality HEMPER Tech Cotton Swabs 200 piece with wholesale price in united states. shop online bulk HEMPER Tech Cotton Swabs 200pcs from trusted wholesale store Smoke Tokes.


  • Hemper Tech
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Count: 200pcs
  • Color: White
  • Multi purpose use
  • Easily clean your quarts nail & bangers
  • Easily Clean All Your Dabbing Products
  • Sturdy Wooden Stem
  • Dual Purpose Design
  • No Cotton Residue or Aftertaste

Best HEMPER Tech Cotton Swabs 200ct For Sale Near Me

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When you want to clean your dabbing tools or even smoking accessories, these Hemper Tech Cotton Swabs are perfect for keeping your dab supplies clean.  Hemper Tech cotton swabs are designed with double sided swabs that are extra absorbent and allows for you to get into the nook and cranny of your quarts bangers, water pipe, hand pipe and any other smoking essential. These tips are used to clean up left over dab residue inside of your bangers while smoking. Designed with a pointed tip and a round tip allowing for those hard to get to areas while cleaning up with regular q-tips. The cotton swab is designed with a tightly compressed cotton and it leaves no lint allowing for the perfect dabbing session. It can also clean up your dabbing 

You can also use alcohol Hemper Tech alcohol wipes to make sure you're getting a good clean. 


  • 1 x Hemper Tech Cotton Swab 200ct