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Huni Badger HB-X2 18650 Charger Powerbank


Huni Badger HB-X2 18650 Charger Powerbank

The Huni Badger HB-X2 18650 Charger Powerbank is a versatile and portable device designed to charge and power your 18650 rechargeable batteries. With its compact design and multiple safety features, it provides a convenient and reliable solution for your charging needs.


  • Small and Compact Design: The charger powerbank features a small and compact design, making it easy to carry and use on-the-go.
  • Dual Slot for Charging 18650 Batteries: It has dual slots for charging two 18650 rechargeable batteries simultaneously.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: The charger powerbank includes reverse polarity protection to prevent damage caused by incorrect battery insertion.
  • USB Input for Charging: It has a 5V USB input for charging the device, with a recommended minimum of 2A for fast charging.
  • Overcharge Protection and Auto Cut-Off: The device is equipped with overcharge protection and automatically cuts off the charging process when the batteries are fully charged.
  • USB-A Output for Charging Devices: It features a USB-A output for charging other portable devices, providing additional convenience.
  • Output Over-Current and Output Short Circuit Protections: The charger powerbank includes protections against output over-current and output short circuits for enhanced safety.
  • Battery Level and Charging Status Indicator: It has a 4 LED battery level and charging status indicator for easy monitoring.
  • USB Pass-Through Function: The device allows USB pass-through function during charging, enabling you to conserve battery life.

The Huni Badger HB-X2 18650 Charger Powerbank offers a reliable and efficient charging solution for your 18650 batteries. With its compact size, multiple safety features, and USB output for charging other devices, it is a versatile accessory for both at home and on-the-go.

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