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King Palm Grape HD - 5 Mini Rolls - 15pk Display


King Palm Grape HD - 5 Mini Rolls - 15pk Display

Elevate your smoking experience with the King Palm Grape HD - 5 Mini Rolls. This pack provides you with a collection of premium natural leaf cones, meticulously handcrafted to offer both flavor and quality.


  • 5 Hand Rolled Natural Leaf Cones in Each Pack – 15 Units Per Box (75 Total)
  • Each Hand Rolled Leaf Cone Holds 1g
  • Handpicked and Hand-rolled for Ultimate Quality
  • Contains Boveda 2-Way Humidity Control
  • 1 Year Freshness Guaranteed

Each mini roll within the pack holds an ample 1g of your preferred smoking material, ensuring a satisfying and enjoyable experience. The inclusion of Boveda's 2-Way Humidity Control keeps your mini rolls fresh and ready for use for up to a year, ensuring consistent quality over time.

Indulge in the delightful and tantalizing flavor of King Palm Grape HD. Expertly crafted with Cordia leaves, these wraps offer a seamless, all-natural leaf wrap. Every hand-rolled wrap includes a terpene flavor filter tip, adding a subtle layer of taste to each smoke.

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