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King Palm Hemp Cones 1 1/4 (6 cones per pack/30 per Display) - Banana Foster


King Palm Hemp Cones 1 1/4 - Banana Foster

Indulge in the delicious Banana Foster flavor with King Palm Hemp Cones 1 1/4. Each pack includes 6 hemp paper pre-rolled cones, and a display case holds 30 packs, totaling 180 cones.


  • Flavor: Banana Foster
  • Cones per Pack: 6
  • Packs per Display: 30
  • Natural Hemp Paper Pre-Rolled Cones
  • Hand-Rolled
  • Tobacco-Free
  • Individually Crafted
  • Pre-Rolled for Convenience

Experience a unique twist to your smoking journey. Each cone is crafted with an ingenious touch – a small pearl inside the filter. This pearl is infused with terpenes that carry the captivating Banana Foster flavor. To unlock this delightful experience, simply pop the terpene-infused ball located in the filter.

As you pop the ball, it releases these aromatic terpenes, enhancing every inhale with the irresistible taste of Banana Foster. This innovative feature gives you complete control over your flavor experience, making each session truly exceptional.

Explore the delectable Banana Foster flavor and discover the fascinating world of terpene-infused smoking with King Palm Hemp Cones 1 1/4. For all your rolling needs, check out our selection of Rolling Supplies.