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MK100 Sky Bubbler Recycler

Color: Black/Gold

MK100 Sky Bubbler Recycler Wholesale Price

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  • MK100
  • Sky Bubbler Recycler
  • Color: Blue
  • Joint: 14mm 90°
  • Stem Design: Stemless
  • Single Percolator
    • Disc Perc
  • 45 ° Neck

MK100 Sky Bubbler Recycler For Sale Near Me

Need a quick and convenient piece for easy accessible smoking piece? Well, MK100 Glass has just that with their new Sky Bubler Recycler! This one of a kind piece is both a recycler and a bubler. With a flared mouthpiece, all of your herbs  will be full of flavor. Its unique design is something only MK100 Glass can come up with!  The 2 most beautiful parts about this recycler are the 3D inserted flower, and the American Opal stone that it comes with. With this recycler you will be guaranteed smooth percolation, and a sweet recycle function. Perfect for any dry herb this stunning bubler recycler will be your best friend.

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