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MK51 – 13″ MK100 Slime Mini Zinger

Color: Green

MK51 – 13″ MK100 Slime Mini Zinger

 Inches: 13″ | Thickness: 7mm | Colors: Slime-Purple/Blue and Pink


  • Clear
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Green Translucent Blue
  • Baby Blue

The Zinger Bong is a classic, MK100’s original, and is a unique design water pipe that is bound to become your new favorite bong. With its innovative design, it’s a pleasure to use for smoking your favorite substances in comparison to other regular bongs. While standard bongs are usually 5mm or less, our glassblowers use exceptional 7mm thickness glass tubes made of high-quality Borosilicate Glass. This results in an extremely thick glass and an ultimately stronger and tougher bong for you to enjoy. This entire piece is extremely durable, strong, and tough.

This iconic Zinger abstract form finishes with a round-shaped base for a scientific-style glass bong. It’s visually stunning for a pleasing aesthetic while not compromising on functionality. The base and neck are steadily balanced with the abstract center for style and stability. The Zinger Bong features an 14mm Female joint and comes with a 14mm/18mm MK diffused downstem and a 14mm MK Male Glass Bowl – all features that provide a seamless experience, so you can focus less on handling and more on enjoying your smoke.