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MK7 Heady Gorilla Straight Shooter


MK7 Heady Gorilla Straight Shooter Wholesale Price

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  • MK7 Heady Gorilla Straight Shooter
  • Single Percolator
    • Shower Head Perc
  • Straight Neck
  • 14mm Glass Bowl
  • Display Box
  • Case: (42pcs/cs)
  • Display Box

MK7 Heady Gorilla Straight Shooter Premium Dab Kit For Sale Near Me

Take a hit out this MK100 Glass Bloom Kit premium rig with this hand blown borosilicate glass straight shooter. This design features a cylindrical straight shooter shape with a mix of wig wag work along with a Gorilla face inside the glass with a shower head percolator attached to the bottom of the Gorilla head. This allows for a beautiful hit from the this water pipe, allowing you to watch the smoke filter through out the body. This water pipe includes a bowl with a wig wag color glass horn attached on the clear bowl along with a a round bowl colorful translucent body with solid glass on the bottom along with 3 spiked horns to the mouth with a bent neck featuring a glass pattern design. This flower water pipe is perfect for any smoke session.

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