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Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig – C-Core 2000 MAh

Color: Galaxy Purple
Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig – C-Core 2000 MAh

Elevate your dabbing experience with the Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig – C-Core 2000 MAh. This advanced electronic rig combines cutting-edge technology with user-friendly design, offering an unparalleled dabbing experience.


  • C-Core Onyx Atomizer: The Onyx Atomizer ensures even heat distribution and minimal residue, providing an exceptional dabbing experience.
  • Sub-ohm Vaping: With a resistance of 0.8 ohms, the Electro Barrel produces massive vapor clouds and amplifies the flavors for a truly enjoyable session.
  • Load & Go: Loading your extract onto the Onyx Atomizer is effortless. Lift the lid, place your dab onto the core dish, and experience the full power of the C-Core.
  • 2000 MAH Battery: The high-capacity 2000 mAh battery allows for extended sessions without the need for frequent charging.
  • Torchless Dab Rig: Say goodbye to external heat sources. The Electro Barrel provides a traditional dab rig experience without the need for a torch, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free dabbing session.
  • Heavy Metal Free: The C-Core Onyx Atomizer features an Azul ceramic core, eliminating exposed metal heating elements and ensuring a 100% heavy metal free vaping experience.
  • Pass-Through Charging: Keep the fun going without interruption. The included type-C charger allows you to use the device while it's charging, ensuring your sessions are never cut short.

Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig – C-Core 2000 MAh

The Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig – C-Core 2000 MAh is a powerful and convenient device designed to provide a seamless dabbing experience. Its unique toxic barrel shape hides something special under the hood. This e-rig features the C-Core Onyx Atomizer, which ensures potent and smooth airflow, maximum flavor production, and even heating throughout your session. What sets it apart is its commitment to delivering heavy metal-free vapor, ensuring a clean and enjoyable dabbing experience.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Electro Barrel is perfect for both seasoned dabbers and beginners. With just one button to control everything, accessing the Onyx Atomizer is as easy as lifting the lid. Load your desired extract onto the Azul ceramic core inside the atomizer, close the lid, and you're ready to go. The device can be powered on by pressing the button five times, and a simple press and hold will heat up the C-Core, allowing you to take a smooth and satisfying dab.

    Experience the next level of dabbing with the Ooze Electro Barrel E-Rig – C-Core 2000 MAh. To learn more about this innovative e-rig and make a purchase, visit our Ooze collection on our website. Trust Ooze to deliver high-quality, reliable, and enjoyable dabbing accessories that cater to your needs.