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Ooze Verge Dry Herb Vaporizer 2500mah

Color: Rainbow


  • NANO-GLAZED C-CORE | Advanced ceramic technology for efficient heating
  • 0.5G CHAMBER | Large capacity chamber for longer sessions
  • 2500 MAH | Powerful battery for extended use
  • OLED COLOR SCREEN | Easy-to-use bright color screen
  • 3 HEAT METHODS | Utilizes different heat sources for thorough vaporization
  • MAGNETIC POD | Convenient pod system for easy cleaning and replacement
  • ENGINEERED AIRWAY | Enhanced airflow for consistent heating
  • WATER PIPE ADAPTER | Compatible with water pipes for smoother hits (adapter sold separately)
  • TYPE-C CHARGING | Includes type-c charging cable for fast charging

Ooze Verge Dry Herb Vaporizer 2500mAh

Experience the ultimate dry herb vaping with the Ooze Verge Dry Herb Vaporizer. This advanced device from the popular C-Core collection takes your vaping sessions to the next level. With a generous 0.5g ceramic chamber, the Verge allows you to load more of your favorite herbs for longer enjoyment.

The Verge combines three heating methods—conduction, convection, and far infrared energy—to ensure efficient vaporization of every cannabinoid and terpene in your herbs. Thanks to the innovative NANO-GLAZED C-CORE technology, heat is evenly distributed throughout the chamber, resulting in a satisfying vaping experience that maximizes your material and conserves battery life.

With its user-friendly OLED COLOR SCREEN, the Verge allows you to easily control your vaping settings without any additional apps or complex procedures. The device's engineered airway design ensures that each draw delivers flavorful vapor, reaching all corners of the chamber for consistent performance.

Cleaning and maintenance are hassle-free with the Verge's magnetic pod system. Simply remove the pod, dispose of the residue, and easily place it back in. Additionally, the Verge offers versatility with its optional water pipe adapter, allowing you to enjoy smoother hits through your favorite water pipe setup.

Elevate your dry herb vaping experience with the Ooze Verge Dry Herb Vaporizer. Order now and unlock the full potential of your herbs with efficient heating, flavor, and convenience.