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Perrier Lime Safe Can

Perrier Lime Safe Can - Smoke Tokes

Perrier Lime Safe Can

An Ingenious Hidden Safe Disguised as Perrier Lime

The Perrier Lime Safe Can is the ultimate concealed safe for your valuables. It's ingeniously designed to mimic a real Perrier Lime can, making it virtually indistinguishable from the genuine product. With its hidden compartment, this safe can discreetly safeguard your valuables in plain sight. Please note that this safe can does not contain actual Perrier Lime; it's exclusively for secure storage purposes.


  • Looks Identical to Real Lime Perrier
  • Concealed Compartment for Valuables
  • Artwork on Can May Vary in Design

The Perrier Lime Safe Can offers a clever and covert solution to protect your prized possessions, and its can artwork may vary, adding an extra layer of disguise.

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